Thursday, July 20, 2017

A New Set for Community Church!

All eight of the old canvases have been pulled from their frames... folded up... and tossed in the church's dumpster.  Change is so good!!  And now?  All eight canvases, newly stretched, and spiffy new artwork!  Last time we focused on the person of Jesus Christ, who He is to us, and His glory.  This time we are focusing on who we are in  Christ... and still His glory!

I tried to have at least some of the fonts be a reflection of what they are saying.  Like below, we are inseparable from Christ.  But why?  Because we try so hard?   No!  Because we are beloved by Him!  It's all the same cord that ties us together.

Don't just take my word for it that all these statements are true of our identity in Christ.  You can click on the images and they'll get bigger... and you'll see that there are Bible references for each word.  Go look them up!  If you're unfamiliar with a Bible, use the table of contents to help you find the books.  These are GLORIOUS TRUTHS, and worthy of your inspection!!

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