Saturday, March 26, 2016


All eight canvases for my church are DONE!  This set was plagued by several hiccups schedule-wise, several hiccups health-wise, and several hiccups content-wise.  But they're done!!  And I'm pleased.  I see the kindness of God all over these images.  He came alongside me and painted, as He usually does.  So rejoice with me!  GOD IS GOOD, AND KIND, AND FAITHFUL, AND COMPASSIONATE, AND CREATIVE!!

All the smudges along the bottom are glued on calendar pages.  They were really bold in their colors, so I went over them with a dry white brush.  They almost disappear now, but I'm ok with that.

The bird's nest in this one is 3-dimensional.  It's made of wadded up tissue paper, and it sticks out from the canvas.  No picking at it, people!!!

This one also has tissue paper.... that orange stripe is glued on, instead of being paint.  All the white marks are where the paint picked up the wrinkles in the tissue paper.

More tissue paper here.  All the beige smudges are glued on instead of painted on.

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